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Mergnt HospitEdit

Mergnt Hospit, leader of the superorder team.

This team is reserved for sea dwellers.

Mergnt does not allow land dwellers for their personal safety.

The team deputy is Kavida Travin.

Arrion SegearEdit

Arrion Segear, leader of "Team Impossible".

This team is open to anyone, but mostly lower blood orders, as Arrion is a yellow blood.

Arrion took over the leadership from his twin, Noirra Segear, as she was too busy sucking fumes from arisol cans to be a real leader.

The team deputy is open to anyone by invitation only.

Shoria ToxycaEdit

Shoria Toxyca, leader of the Black team.Edit
This team is open to specific invited trolls.Edit
Shoria is very secretive about who joins, and who is in this team. Not everyone can join, and no one just KNOWS who's in it. It is believed less-common hemospectrum blood orders are invited.Edit
The team deputy is known as Nesohc Tseirp.Edit

Shay ZweifarEdit

Shay Zweifar, leader of the Human Team.Edit
This team is open to humans only.Edit
Shay learned about the trolls and decided to make a team herself. Though it is long distance, she made a roleplay game out of it.Edit
The team deputy is Turi Marquen.Edit

What are these teams for?Edit

These teams will be for Role Play and FLARP, and when the story continues, the teams will be for SBURB and SGRUB.

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